Art and biology… my two passions!

Art and biology… my two passions!

Initially, it looked as if it would be really difficult to combine them, they just didn't come together.

Even as a small boy, I used to draw and make animal sculptures (nearly always horses). I used to love studying their shape and movement, and I just needed to understand their anatomy and the mechanics behind it all… I used to spend afternoons just watching them.

This interest led me to train as a biologist, and after finishing my degree, and seeing what was going on in some of the Natural History museums in Europe, I knew that was what I really wanted to do. It looked difficult to begin with because I didn't know where to begin, but I just knew that I had to make it work: I wanted to create those animal sculptures and models that I had seen. I had a lot to learn and a goal to pursue.

A few years have passed since then… Now, every commission is a new challenge; the documentation research stage, analysing the shape and movement, selecting the appropriate technique and materials, and the maximum dedication required to achieve high quality models, are the goals that drive me.

Ramon López i Ayats 
(Barcelona, 30 November 1963)

Owner and sculpture. Quagga associats SL

Partner and sculpture. Realitzacions Gàlig, SL

Head of modelling and volumetric creations. Expogràfic, SA

Grant for developing the program of replicas and moulds.Restoration Centre - Generalitat de Catalunya

Restoration technician. Crusafont Palaeontology Museum, currently the Catalan Palaeontology Institute

CIRIT Grant. Staatlisches Museum für Naturkunde, Stuttgart.

Graduate in Biological Sciences from the Universitat de Barcelona


Fish, amphibians and reptile moulds. OCIM Muséum d´Histoire Naturelle de Le Havre.

Plaster moulds. Diputació de Barcelona

Moulding techniques with silicones and other plastic resins-CNRS. Restoration Laboratory at the Universitat Claude Bernard de Lyon